The Best Pure Collagen Supplement

The Best Collagen Supplement For Skin, Hair & Overall Health

When it comes to collagen supplements, there is no better product on the market (as of the writing of this post) than Skinade.

Thus far Skinade is the only liquid collagen product that I’ve seen online that has hundreds of positive reviews and barely any negative reviews. The reason why this product works so well comes down to primarily two things, their patent pending formula and also what’s known as “peptides” which is the active ingredient inside the amino acids that makes this collagen product actually work.


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As you start to get older your body produces less collagen but not only that, your metabolism starts to slow down which makes it harder, almost near impossible for your body to absorb any collagen effectively. This is why it’s imperative to only use supplements that have peptides because it doesn’t matter how slow or how fast your metabolism is (or how old or young you are) your body would be able to absorb the collagen without any complications.

Collagen With Peptides Have Even Been Endorsed By Dr. John Gray (The Award Winning Author Of Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus)

Celebrity Endorsements

There are tons’ products on the market, but none of which have a proven track record like Skinade. This product was developed by scientists in the United Kingdom and is currently being sold in the UK and is now also being sold in the US. This product has been used by numerous celebrities in the UK , some of which you might have never heard of (if you live in the US):

Feature in OVER 60 Magazines

Skinade has also been featured in numerous magazines, over 60 to be exact including Vouge Magazine and several other reputable brands:

Given an 8.3 out of 10 From (Which rates companies based on how users revues) gave Skinade an 8.3 out of 10. Also has over 200+ reviews from customers who’ve actually purchased and used the products:


Officially Labeled As The Best Liquid Collagen Product

Skinade is the only 5x award winning liquid collagen product on the market to date.


Common Questions I Get Asked

Below are some of the questions I get asked:

What are collagen supplement benefits?

Skinade uses hydrolyzed collagen which has 100’s of positive effects, way to many to list. Here is a video breaking down some of the important facts about it:

You see our body is somewhat like a car, when your car has a problems you see it on your dashboard VIA indicator lights. When your body has a problem it manifests its self through symptoms.

You must understand that collagen protein plays various roles throughout our body. For example, it’s needed for our body to produce new skin cells along with healthier more elastic skin as well as increase in muscles mass and burning fat. This is one of the reasons why men actually lose weight faster than women, men have 30% more muscle mass compared to women. Another benefit of using  a product such as Skinade is improved sleeping. So if you have trouble sleeping, this product will also help improve your sleeping cycles.

Better Sleep

Even though there are many reasons as to why you might be having sleeping problems, one of the main reasons why both men and women start to develop sleeping problems as they get older is not due to age. It’s due to the decrease in muscle mass, collagen not only stops the decreasing of muscle mass, but increases it to normal level which then leads to your ability to have deeper uninterrupted sleep which leaves you felling fresher and younger.

Also, men and women burn a certain amount of fat when they’re sleeping, not having a good night’s rest leads to unwanted weight gain since the body is not given adequate time to burn some of the unnecessary fat.

Use it while you’re young and get faster benefits

No matter if you’re young or old, it basically works the same way and both age groups will see the same benefits. The only real benefit of using it while you’re young is that you get the results much faster, which in turns helps you avoid the problems your body starts to develop when you get older due to the lack of collagen. So even if you’re in your 20s its highly recommended to start early to avoid future complications.

Healthier Youthful Skin

Due to large amounts of environmental stress your skin is an indicator to let people know your age and the type of lifestyle that your living or have lived. For example, a chronic smoker of cigarettes is going to have worse scan compared to someone doesn’t smoke at all.

Your skin has predominately two layers

The epidermis (which means the outer layer of your skin).
The dermis (the inner layer of your skin)

Also, even though liquid form is better, some collagen creams has been directly linked to developing well hydrated skin which is firm/elastic and is directly related to the processing of new skin cells.

So in layman’s terms, the more your body has the more youthful your skin’s appearance becomes. After the age of 20, we all lose about 1% of collagen which results in that aging look in our skin, which includes wrinkles, fine lines and dry/blemish and thinning skin.

Hair & Nail Growth

Another major benefit is hair and nail growth, even though that’s not the purpose of collagen. There have been many reports which have shown that people have reported increased hair and nail growth as they are collagen level start to elevate.

The Rebuilding & Healing of Joints

Your joints are made up of collagen and without adequate amount of collagen in your body you can develop joint problems such as arthritis.

Promotes Healthy Organs

Your organs are made up of collagen as well and that’s why it’s important to make sure that you have enough for necessary growth and maintenance of your organs.

This is just some of the benefits, there’s literately 100’s and this article would be way to long if we tried to cover them all. For a more complete list, please watch the video above.

What Are Some Of The Side Effect Of Taking Collagen Supplements?

Elevated Calcium Levels

Even though most people don’t experience any side effects from using collagen. There are a few reported things that you should be aware of. One of the potential side effects of using collagen pills is elevated calcium levels or what’s known as hypercalcemia.

Reactions with Hypersensitivity

This is abnormal response from the immune system against allergens. This should only be a problem if you’re allergic to shellfish and other marine sources. Also, if you’re allergic to eggs, this could trigger the hypersensitive.

Nasty Taste

Another thing you should be aware of is the actual taste of some supplements happen to be bad. This is not a problem if you decided to use Skinade as they use 2 natural flavors which are natural peach and mangosteen and I have yet to see anyone dislike the flavor of Skinade.