Youtheory Collagen Advanced Formula 390 tablets


There’s not really much to say about this collagen supplement because information on his collagen supplements seems to be very limited. I did do a quick review to check to see if people have been having success using this product on Amazon and I’ve haven’t really seen too many negative reviews about the product. I did see a few people saying that they didn’t really see any results but this is such a vague statement and it’s hard to know exactly what they are talking about.

If you aren’t aware there are three different types of collagen groups which all do different things to your body. Type I and type III collagen is great for hair, skin and nails as well as other organs of your body. Whereas type III is good for mainly your joints and ligaments but has almost no effect on your hair, skin and nails. This is why it’s so important to make sure you have all three types of collagen in your body every single day. The multitude of people that utilize collagen don’t know this and they automatically assume that the collagen that they’re taking has everything that they need which is not true.


Youtheory Collagen claims to have all three types of collagen as well as 18 different amino acids all compact into a single tablet.

The problem I have with this is that if you do a search online to see which form of collagen is better when taking supplements, you’ll reach a consensus that it’s best to take it in a powder or liquid form. The reason why is because you get more bang for your buck by purchasing different collagen drinks/powders each being geared toward to the specific need that you taking it for. Meaning taking a collagen supplement drink/powder that only targets type I and III collagen and taking another drink/powder for type II collagen would be far more effective than taking a few capsules which claims to have it all the bundled up into one tablet. The reason why is because you don’t know how much of each type of collagen is packed into those capsules.

The reason why this is a more effective approach is due to simple logic. One scoop of a supplement would never fit inside a capsule. If you’ve ever used a supplement before you always know that it’s recommend to take at least one scoop. So by taking one scoop of type I and type III collagen and taking another scoop of type II collagen you would get far better results because you’re getting a significantly higher dosage per serving and not to mention it’s cheaper.

This same rule applies when consuming collagen drinks as well.

I say all that to say this, thus far I haven’t seen too many negative reviews on this product and it’s a great product for something on the go but as a daily go to supplement I highly recommend you take a several different type of collagen products instead of looking for an all in one solution. One of the biggest scams in the supplement industry is tablets, the amount of tablets you would need to take to  equal the amount that you would get from a powder or drink is simply mind-boggling.

Another thing I would like to mention about this product is I do not know where the company gets their collagen from or whether or not they use non-GMO sources. Nowhere on this company’s website do they provide information as to where they get their collagen and what goes into making their product. So the only thing I can suggest is to try to product for yourself and see how you react to it but if you want a surefire way I highly recommend you try taking a collagen drink or powder.