When Should You Start Taking Collagen?


What’s The Best Time?

The question on everyone’s mind is when is the best time to start taking collagen? Honestly the best time to start taking collagen is when you’re 18 just to be safe. The reason why is that if you do research trying to figure out when you should start talking collagen supplements what you’ll find is that everyone suggests a different age as to when you should start taking it. Some say you should start taking it at the age of 20 and some say at the age of 25 but just to be safe you should start taking it at the age of 18. That way your collagen levels will stay consistent as you enter your 20’s.

What most people don’t know is that once you enter your 20’s, each and every year you lose 1% of collagen and this is the main reason why old people have non elastic saggy skin, it’s primarily due to the fact that their body is not producing enough collagen to support the skin. By taking a collagen supplements you can slow this process down so much so that people will have trouble determine your age.

Collagen supplements is really one of the best kept secrets due to the fact that not too much people even know about or that their body produces it naturally. So with that being said you best bet is to start taking collagen as soon as you turn 18.

Another reason why you should start taking collagen supplements at the age of 18 is due to the fact that as a teenager you’re most likely active in some type of sports. Collagen is important due to the fact that it helps you heal from your injuries much faster. When you have low amounts of collagen in your body it takes quite a long time for your body to heal itself when you get injured. As a matter of fact, 35% of our bones is made up collagen and without it you’ll start to develop fractures quite easily because your bones won’t have the necessary nutrients to remain strong.

Also, your joints are surrounded by something called cartilage and it’s heavily dependent on collagen to function. It acts as a cushion for your joints. Without you don’t have adequate amounts of collagen what ends up happening is that you start to develop what’s known as arthritis which has been shown to be directly linked with a lack of collagen. There have been reports of teenagers having arthritis and it’s been directly linked to the depletion of their collagen levels.

Taking over the counter drugs is one of the number one way’s you deplete your body of collagen. This is why it’s imperative that you make sure that you start taking collagen even as a teen because at the end of the day the only thing that it can do is help you.

So no matter if you’re 18 or even well over past 60, it’s best to start taking it as soon as possible.