Vital Protein Powder Review


Vital proteins are a well-known collagen brand that has been around for a while which has numerous vtal protein powder reviews. Despite the positive reviews of vital proteins in my honest opinion I don’t think it’s better than skinade which I will illustrate later as to why.

Vital protein promotes youthful skin, hair as well as nails it also promotes the smoothness of the skin as well as help keep your bones healthy. Because vital proteins collagen is bovine based it also has type II collagen as well which is great for joints, cartilage, tendons etc…

Just Be Careful

Now the biggest problem that I have with vital proteins is the fact that it doesn’t have the clinical studies proving the effectiveness of their product on their website. This is one of the most negatives aspect about this product besides the fact that their cows are sourced from Brazil. As you probably already know currently in Brazil there is something called the Zika Virus and there is currently no know cure.

Personally I don’t know vital protiens quality check process and whether or not they even factor in whether or not cows that they are getting from Brazil to use in her collagen product could be potentially infected. Currently there is no current test that I’m aware of that have been done on any animals to check to see whether or not they have been carrying this virus. Regardless it’s better to be safe than sorry and you should probably use a Marine base collagen in the meantime until vital proteins makes an announcement about changing where they are getting their cows from or until research proves that the Zika Virus cannot be transmitted through animals.

We Recommend Your Try Skinade

Now if you look throughout this website you’ll see that we promote Skinade brand of collagen because it simply works. They have clinical studies on their website as well as hundred different magazines and websites which back up their claims. One clinical study showed that a 42-year-old woman was able to increase her collagen density by 42%. Skinade does not use bovine source of collagen, there collagen is 100% Marine based.

If you haven’t already you should give Skiande a try since they currently have won more awards than any of the collagen product on the market.