Trim Healthy Mama Integral Collagen Powder


Trim healthy collagen is just like the majority of the collagen brands out there which provides a great source of collagen but one of their main selling points is that it’s far healthier than any other option out there. According to their claims their collagen supplements contain zero antibiotics, hormones, pesticides or preservatives and additives.

Again like many other collagen supplements currently their cows are sourced from Argentina and Brazil. I’m very cautious of collagen supplements which comes from Brazil due to the fact that there is a current virus currently spreading in Brazil and there’s no evidence that shows whether or not this virus affects cows as well as other animals so you are taking a risk by using collagen which comes from cows in Brazil.

Now one of their claims which has been proven to be untrue is the fact that they say that their collagen supplement dissolves easily in liquid. Numerous reviews state that they have one of the slowest dissolving collagens on the market whether that’s a good thing or bad thing seems to be debatable but their claims that their supplement is easily dissolvable is completely untrue. So that’s something you should consider before purchasing.

Besides the above issues this collagen product is pretty decent and you should be able to get pretty great results with it. One thing I would like to note is that this collagen seems to be a type II collagen which is great for bones, joints, ligaments and cartilage. As far as reducing wrinkles I have yet to see any reviews where people have noticed any reduction wrinkles. If you’re looking for collagen supplement to help you reduce wrinkles, you’ll need to use a collagen supplement like Skinade which contains type I and type III collagen which is what you need for wrinkles and saggy skin.

If you can do for both products, I highly recommend that you get both because that way you’ll be able to have a complete source of collagen.