Think Twice Before Purchasing Collagen Pills


Are you sure you want to take collagen pills? Please educate yourself before you end up wasting your money. Now this is going to be a lengthy article and for those of you who don’t have time or simply don’t care to read this article then I highly recommend you take a liquid form of collagen instead (I provided the reasons below), for the best liquid collagen product I recommend you check out Skinade.

If you have your mind set on taking the pill form (for whatever reason), then I highly suggest you check out: Dr. Kaayla Danills’ Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed Type II Cartilage Collagen, it’s considered one of the best collagen pills on the market. But before you do so please take the time read this article in its entirety.

Do Collagen Pills Work? Here’s Why You Should Reconsider Taking Them

Ok, so there are several reason why you should reconsider using the pill form and should opt for the liquid form instead, the benefits of collagen pills are outweighed by the benefits of the  liquid form. You see, supplements in pill/capsule form have a much lower absorption rate compared to the liquids. Pills only have a 30 to 40% maximum absorption rate so if you do decide to go down the pill route, then you’re most likely going to end up getting inferior results compared to using a liquid supplement like Skinade. Liquid supplements have a guaranteed 90% to 95% absorption rate which means you’ll get more noticeable results compared to using the pill, also it’s less expensive, safer and you also get your money’s worth. Our body can process liquids within 5 minutes where pills, food, etc… have to go through the entire digestive process which could takes hours.

This Has Been Confirmed by Licensed Pharmacist, Bob Lapp:

Most Pills Only A Very Small Amount Of Peptides


Don’t Be Fooled

The second thing you should be aware of is peptides which is essential for proper collagen absorption. You see, one of the reason why (if you’ve ever asked around) some people don’t believe collagen supplements work or why some people swear by it comes down to the type of supplement that person used/experienced. Not all collagen supplements are made the same. Most collagen tablets don’t have (or have very little) of an essential ingredient called peptides and taking a collagen supplement without peptides is like not taking the supplement at all (depending on your age), let me explain. As we get older our metabolisms start to slow down and if you’re taking collagen supplements without the proper metabolisms, it won’t be absorbed by the body. When you’re young (in your early twenties) then you should not have metabolism problems (at least for most people) so it wouldn’t matter if you’ve used a collagen supplement that didn’t have peptides as your body would still be able to absorb it without a problem but peptides are still helpful to young people as well.

Now if you’re older, this is where peptides are most important because as your metabolism starts to slow down, you still need peptides to increase the absorption rates of collagen or else YOU WONT SEE ANY BENEFIT FROM THE SUPPLEMENT! I can’t stress this enough, peptides are necessary for anyone who has low metabolism be it old or young.

Now, the problem with collagen tablets is that they tend to have a very low amount of peptides, so much so that it would take 20 large capsules/tablets to get the same effect that you would get from drinking 1 bottle of collagen liquids. This not only holds true for collagen supplement, but any supplement for that matter. This is one of the biggest cons in the supplement industry, not only do you pay more for pills but you get less compared to the liquids/powders. 1 average sized capsule can carry 550mg – 1100mg of substances, but 1 tea spoon equals about 5000mg and most powders/liquids cost the same amount as the pills. So in this case, 1 Skinade bottle or sachet would be the equivalent of taking an entire bottle of pills.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Plays A Major Role On How Well You’re Body Will Absorb The Supplement


Another flaw I would like to point out is if the pills are not hydrolyzed, then it will further decrease the absorption rate. This is one of the benefits of using liquid supplements as they are almost always hydrolyzed which only increase the absorption rate and not only that but gets you the results in the shortest amount of time possible.

So  like I said before, the reason why some people see results and why some people don’t all comes down to which product they decided to use as this will make all the difference in the world.

Another thing you need to be mindful of (and this is not only with collagen tablets but with the liquids too) is the price you’re paying. Real effective supplements are not cheap, if you’re paying less than 50$ for a month supply of collagen supplements than you better think twice. The most effective form of collagen comes from fish (plus the proprietary ingredients) which can get very expensive for product manufactures to scale. Now the problem is, it can get very expensive for the consumer as well and in the collagen industry you get what you pay for. Top grade collagen can cost you around $100 – $150 for a month’s supply, so the products that you see going for $25 (or in that ball park) will give you minuscule (if any) results. A lot of the collagen pills review on amazon are either incentivized or flat out fake/paid reviews.

Also, any collagen supplement that is not marine based has been shown to have only 1/7th of the effectiveness you would get from using marine based (fish) collagen

Do yourself a favor and only use products which have been proven to work, that have clinical case studies to prove that it works and are backed by real “verified” scientific studies. This is why we stand by Skinade due to the fact that you will not find any negative reviews about this product but it has been featured in over 60 magazines, including Vouge & Cosmopolitan. It also has also won 5 consecutive awards for its effectiveness.