Sports Research – Premium Collagen Peptides


Collagen Peptides is a fairly new brand of collagen supplement on the market which claims to be 100% organic and GMO free. According to the company it’s made from 100% pure hydrolyzed gelatin which comes from the cows from Brazil. If you’ve read my other reviews about the other collagen supplements, you’ll know that I am not a big fan of collagen supplements which comes from cows from Brazil. The reason why is currently as of this writing there is a virus outbreak called Zika which is fairly new and there is no known current cure for it.

Not enough studies have been done to tell whether or not this virus can be transmitted through animal’s. So this is why I suggest that you proceed with caution when purchasing any type of collagen derived from cows sourced from Brazil. As of this writing, on the company’s website it seems like the product is sold out, I don’t know this is done because of Zika outbreak or simply because the company just doesn’t have any more in stock for the time being.

If your main goal is taking collagen to promote youthful skin as well as provide the necessary nutrients for your organs, etc… then you should check our hompage for our recommended brand of collagen to purchase. The collagen we recommend are sourced from marine-based animals from the UK which is a much safer alternative and far more effective.

On the other hand, if you’re taking collagen to rebuild joints and/or cartilage then your only option is to use bovine (cow) based collagen. Our suggestion would be to find a collagen manufacturer that doesn’t get their collagen from cows in Brazil.