Sanar Naturals Collagen Wrinkle Formula


This product claims to take a different approach to solving our collagen issues. The company claims that this product doesn’t only contain collagen but actually helps your body produces its own collagen by using various other ingredients in their formula. Thus far this product has fairly decent reviews and I don’t really see any negative reviews that stand out.

As far as where this company gets its collagen from that they use in this product I am not currently aware. I know often times I find that most collagen supplement companies get their collagen from Brazil. I checked both their online website as well as Amazon and couldn’t find any information as to where they get their collagen from.

As far as what I don’t really like about this product comes down to the fact that you’re purchasing a collagen pill. Like I’ve stated in numerous articles, research shows that pills have a lower absorption rate then liquids. Meaning you could be paying the same price for two products that come in different forms and the one that’s liquid will inherently be more effective than the one that comes in a pill or tablet form. So that’s something you should keep in mind.

As always there are some negative reviews that I’ve seen on Amazon but it primarily comes down to the fact that some people are claiming that this product just doesn’t work. As you could probably assume,  not all products are going to work for everybody and that’s certainly the case for this product. There is one review on Amazon however were the user describes that the product was working for them for a short period but then all of the sudden he/she could no longer take the product. The customer believes is primarily due to the company adding fillers to their formula. The filler that they believe the company is using, they can’t  sem ingest. The company has yet to confirm or deny these claims.

If you currently unaware what are  fillers, they’re basically other ingredients that companies add in to their capsule so that it seems full but essentially you’re getting less product than what you pay for as far as collagen is concerned. This is a common practice that a lot of companies use and this is another reason why I personally shy away from using collagen pills or any pills in general because you don’t know how much of it is real and how much of it is filler. If you want a surefire way when it comes to collagen your best bet is to buy a collagen drink instead.