Reserveage – Collagen Booster with Resveratrol


There is not much to say when it comes to this product, as of this writing it currently has over hundred and 75 reviews on Amazon. Of those 175 reviews 102 are five-star ratings all of which are verified reviews which is a pretty good start. So it’s my assumption that people are having some sort of success with this product. What concerns me is that this company seems to be a little bit less than honest when it comes to their business practice. There are several critical reviews about this product that are unsavory to say the least.

There was one review that was left in 2013 which received over 30 comments and was by far one of the most popular reviews on the listing. In this review the user went in depth to describe its dealings with this particular company Reserveage Nutrition formerly known as Reserveage Organics. Here’s a screenshot of the reviews so you can read it yourself:


First let’s talk about the name change, I honestly believe that the reason why this company changed his name was due to the flak that it received from that comment that this user left on their Amazon page. I don’t have any proof to prove that’s exactly why they changed their name but it seems pretty convincing to me. This user contacted the company to try to find out more about their ingredients that was used in their products because they’re against using any products that contain animals. The user that purchased the product thought that this product was 100% organic based off the company’s former name which was “Reserveage Organics” as you can see in the image below:


Well after doing further digging the user found out that the company was using collagen from chickens. What you might be asking is “what’s the big deal?”, The big deal is this, on their amazon listing they are marketing this product as a plant based product. So there are some people that are vegans and vegetarians (assuming they did not read the label) who have consumed this product unknowingly thinking that it’s 100% plant based when all in actuality they are still consuming animals. Plus, the manufacturer never stated exactly where they get these chickens from.

I’ve been studying collagen products for years now and one thing I can tell you is most manufactures never really use collagen which comes from chicken. 90% of the products that you’ll find be it for type I and type III collagen or type II collagen is derived from marine-based animals or bovine based animals. Plus, this product cost $33 so you would expect that the company would have at least premium ingredients but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

At the end of the day, with the company changing its name, being misleading, and also being secretive about the ingredients to the point where users have to press them for information which tells me that this is a company you shouldn’t really be doing business with despite what some of the positive reviews may say about them. There are plenty of other companies that are more honest and upfront with their customers as well as include better ingredients for the price that you’d pay for this product.