Research Study on Collagen Supplements

Will and in hi I’m Dr. Ricardo cofounder with my wife, Dr. Frost Karpinski of my naturals. Today’s topic is a hot button. We are going to be talking about hydrolyzed collagen and wrinkles utilization of the college into support the healing and the decrease of wrinkles is very common.

I was becoming more and more popular. Most of its origins, it occurred in Asia in places like Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, etc. and it also became popular in Europe and now finally over the last 10 years it has become quite popular in the United States. Now there are tons and tons of anecdotal stories about successes with college in the deal with wrinkles that deal with more lustrous hair increased thickness of hair, stronger nails thicker skin suppleness elasticity, etc. but it’s nice when we have studies that actually confirm everything that women have been talking about online in magazines and on U2 and in places like Amazon with the companies that sell collagen products.

There are tons and tons of anecdotal stories from collagen supplement research, so I’m using little index cards here today to make sure that the information given you is exactly per the result of a great study that was done in 2014, which is less than a year and a half ago that actually with the high-tech instrumentation that exists today to measure results. The support for these anecdotal studies is actually phenomenal. So there were six well-known researchers in this field who did a study with 114 women ages between 45 and 6510 a divided them into two groups of 57. They gave these women 2.5 g in one group of hydrolyzed collagen and in the other groups they reef received 2.5 g of a completely different substance. They did measurements on these women before they start the study measurements of four weeks and measurements at eight weeks.

It was an eight week study, but they also did measurements for weeks later, so they started the study and before starting. They had a number of results. The skin wrinkles were actually measured before and these were also measured at four weeks and eight weeks and four weeks after treatment. They did biopsies on the skin and in these biopsies. They measured the levels of collagen type I, they measured the elastin and they measured the fibril and fibers to see what types of changes occurred.

The results were a significant reduction of eye wrinkle volume was noticed for a total of 20% within eight weeks and there was also a positive long-lasting effect was also noticed for weeks later. Additionally, after the eight weeks they found that collagen type one known as Pro collagen type one showed a 65% statistically significant increase in the dermal layer of the skin layer they found an 18% increase of elastin, which is also statistically significant, and the fibril and showed a 7% increase which is not considered statistically significant. So basically, these collagen peptides have been shown to promote the suppleness and elasticity of aging skin and the decrease of wrinkles. This is what the authors concluded I’m good to read it word for work. Our findings demonstrate that the oral consumption of specific bioactive collagen peptides reduced skin wrinkles and had positive effects on dermal matrix synthesis dermal matrix basically means the skin matrix what it’s made up of on a previous video I described all the changes that occurred with in that matrix now our product is called collagen complete this study was done with 2.

5 g of collagen. Our daily dose is 10 g of collagen four times that amount plus we have the clinical levels of Detroit and at 1500 mg the clinical levels of glucosamine at 1200 mg 25 mg of hyaluronic acid compared to most products that have four and 5 mg we have 70+ trace minerals in their which helps with silicon and the like. We have enzymes and vitamins C all of these nutrients are added to help heal the body but also to support your body’s ability to integrate the collagen and build new collagen. If you’d like to see more of this from my wife, Dr. Frost Karpinski and me.

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