Pink Madison COLLAGEN Serum


As I’ve stated in other articles I am not a big fan of collagen creams, serums, etc… I personally believe that the best form of collagen is supplements. Topical treatment only work on the surface level were as oral solutions works from the inside out which allows you to get numerous additional benefits that you’d probably wouldn’t get otherwise.

With that being said, I review these products on behalf of the users so I will put my personal bias aside and give a fair review of this product. One thing I will way about this product is that it has a lot of reviews but I am not too sure as to how trust worthy those reviews are. I see this type of thing all the time, a lot of these reviews are not from verified purchases which means the people who are leaving the review did not purchase it from amazon so there is no way of telling if these reviews are authentic or if they were fake reviews that the company purchased. Out of 149 reviews left on amazon, less than 40 were from verified purchases.

One great thing about this product is that it has a 90 Day money back guarantee so if you use the product but are not satisfied with the results, you can always return it and get a refund. This is one thing I really like about products with money back guarantee is when a company gives awesome grace periods that’s usually a sign that the company is standing behind their product.

This product is developed by woman and is manufactured in the US which is great as I am a strong supporter of companies that actually manufacture their product in the US as opposed to overseas.

If you’re a person that’s all about healthy living and eating right, etc….. this product might not be for you. This product contains less than optimal ingredients such as Propylene Glycol which has been shown to cause skin irritation, contact dermatitis and even urticarial.

Another thing about products in this category, be it creams or serums is the fact that It cannot be absorbed by the skin due to the 500 Dalton rule. This rule states that anything over 500 Daltons cannot be absorbed through the skin. So what does that mean? This pretty much means that this product would essentially function as a moisturizer. You can purchase a high end moisture which is probably going to be cheaper than this product and still get the same results.

If you’re looking for a real solution when it comes to reducing wrinkles as well as getting additional benefits I highly suggest you look into purchasing a collagen supplement instead.