OZ Naturals Collagen Type 1 & 3 + Vitamin C Supplement


First let’s talk about what this product has going for it. One of the main thing about this product that appeal to me was the fact that it was 100% vegan friendly meaning that they use vegan capsules as well as ingredients. Like I stated in my previous articles I’m not really a big fan using collagen tablets/pills because I feel like you get better results with collagen drinks. But I do still review collagen tablets for people who simply decide that that’s the form that they rather take. One of the main things I look for is what type of ingredients are used for the capsules and what are the capsules made out of. Vegan capsules are usually more expensive and therefore a lot of manufacturers shy away from them. So when I come across a product that does use vegan capsules I must acknowledge it.

Second thing I like about this product is that the manufacturer claims that is also non-GMO as well as hydrolyzed. The hybridization of collagen is what really helps rejuvenate your skin so seeing that in a collagen product is very essential.

You Get What You Pay For

One thing I want to stay about this product is that there are more things that I don’t like about this product and there are things that I do like.

Based on the reviews that I’ve seen on Amazon regarding this product the majority of people who actually purchase this product aren’t too happy with it. I already knew that this had to be a red flag when I see that they were selling the collagen for $13 for a bottle which is extremely cheap. And like the age old saying goes, you get what you pay for so I knew that there had to be more to it.

Some People Received Expired Product

One thing that stood out to me in several of the negative reviews that I’ve read was the fact that people receive expired product. In all my years of buying supplements online and in stores I’ve never received an expired product so in my honest opinion this is simply unacceptable. As a manufacturer it’s your job to make sure that you’re sending out fresh product to your consumers and not a single one yet alone a dozen people should be complaining about receiving products that were expired.

Some of the individuals even stated that the product had a very rancid smell to the point where they didn’t want to try the product in fear of it possibly causing illness. So for this very reason that even though a few people received a few bad products I still would highly recommend staying away from his company because to me this is a potential health risk.

Pills Are Very Large and Chalky

Another complaint from some of the users is that these pills were too large and chalky which should be the case with any type of tablets that’s well manufactured. Again at a $13 price point that means that they have to cut corners somewhere so this is why I’m not so surprised about people receiving a lackluster product.

Majority of Reviews Seem to Be Fake

Last but not least, the one troubling thing that stood out the most about this product was that the majority of the reviews seem to be fake. I’ve covered this numerous times in other articles about Amazon having a problem where some manufacturers are actually going out and purchasing fake reviews in hopes of increasing sales. So much so that Amazon decided to add a verified purchaser badge on the comment of only the people who actually purchase the product.

Amazon also let you sort through only verified comments, so I did exactly that with this product. I selected all five-star reviews and then I selected only verified five-star reviews and the number shrunk from 163 reviews down to only 10.

This is a tall tells sign of a company that is probably purchasing fake reviews and my honest opinion is that no legitimate product needs to purchase fake reviews if your product is moderately decent. This indicates to me that the company knows that they have a terrible product but instead of improving their product they decided to just purchase fake reviews to encourage people to continue to buy.

At the end of the day I highly recommend that you use this product at your own risk but in my honest opinion there are much better supplements out there so you really shouldn’t even take the risk.