Neocell Super Collagen Type 1 and 3 Tablet


I’ve reviewed Neocell products before and this company has overall a good review. As far as people seeing a reduction in wrinkles, it’s pretty debatable. The main problem that I currently have with Neocell as a company is that they get their collagen from brazil and I have yet to hear word from the company about them changing suppliers. If you’re not currently aware there is something called the Zika virus which is transmitted by mosquitos and not enough research has been don on whether or not, it also effects animals. We already know that it effects humans and if it indeed infects animals, then this can become a huge problem for collagen supplement manufactures that get their collagen from brazil (which many actually do).

Now the second issue I have (and it’s not just this product) is that collagen pills/tablets have been proven to be less effective than collagen drinks such as Skinade. Collagen pills have a maximum absorption rate of 60% which is significantly lower that what you’d get with a quality collagen drink. Skinade for example has an absorption rate of 90-95% which is about the highest you’re going to get from any collagen drink out there.

Now this is not only a problem when it comes to collagen supplements, this issue applies to any pill/tablet you take. The reason why this happens is primary due to pills having to go through the digestive tract were as liquid doesn’t. Liquids get transmitted through your blood stream which increases your absorption rate as well as well as how fast it kicks in. Pills take a few hours to kick in as it passes through the digestive tract while liquid kick in within a few minutes. You have to remember that the human body is made up of 60% liquid and this is why taking supplements in liquid form is more effective.

Neocell claims that their tablets have a 90% absorption rate but I would like to see some sort of study’s proving their claims because as far as I know pills and tablets inherently have a lower absorption rate when compared to liquids so the fact that they are claiming that it has a 90% absorption rate is pretty interesting.

On a positive note, this product also includes vitamin C which is need to increase the collagen effectiveness rate. This is why most collagen supplement manufactures recommend that you take collagen with orange juice.

At the end of the day this product has some pretty good review online, so I can’t really bash it. What I can say is that it does not have better reviews than Skinade, pound for pound I would deem skinade as a far more effective product and the price difference of both products actually reflect that.

If you’re on a pretty tight budget and if you don’t mind that they get their collagen from brazil, then I would high suggest you give this product a try. If you have a few extra dollars then I would say that you can’t go wrong with Skiande. Skinade has won more awards than any other collagen supplement company out there and unlike some companies, the actually have their clinical studies published on their website.