Neocell Laboratories – Collagen +C Pmgrnt Liquid


This is a great collagen product for those who are looking for a collagen supplement which doesn’t contain any animals. The collagen from this product is derived from pomegranate liquid and is also rich with vitamin C which helps increased absorption rate of the collagen.

If you read my previous articles you probably know that I’m a big fan of collagen liquids and this is due to  the fact that they have a higher absorption rate than any other collagen product on the market. The reason why is because liquids is it subjected to the same rules as solid foods due to the fact that the liquids get absorbed in the bloodstream which transports it throughout your body quicker than if you were to consume a solid food product which is subjected to pass through the digestive tract.

Neocell claims that this collagen product will help strengthen your bones as well as connective tissue and supply your body with the missing collagen that it needs. This product is great for people that are vegans, vegetarians that are looking for a collagen supplements that doesn’t contain any ingredients derived from animals. This product supplies Type I and Type III collagen which is the collagen that’s necessary for hair, skin, bones and nails.

As far as reviews go I haven’t seen many negative reviews about this product that stood out but one thing that I’ve noticed that really caught my attention was the fact that some people who order off Amazon was complaining about the product not being authentic. Several different people that purchase this product said the same thing, that when they receive the product the seals seem to be very loose as if it were tampered with.

Some individuals who’ve purchase the products from different locations such as whole foods noticed that the consistency is much different. The one received from Amazon seem to be watered down and almost fluid like whereas the one purchased from places like whole foods and other retailers have a much thicker consistency. I really don’t know the reason why but I’ve read several reviews on Amazon from users that all say the same thing so there must be some merit to this.

In any case if you decide to buy this product please make sure you buy from any other place besides Amazon just to be on the safe side because my assumption is that the person that is actually selling it on Amazon is not the actual manufacturer of the product. Amazon doesn’t require you to be the manufacture of a product to sell it on Amazon therefore it could be someone using sneaky tactics that have no affiliation with Neocell OR maybe it could be a bad batch these customers received, who knows. So again, to be on the safe side try to see if you can get it from a local store and if you have to buy it online please purchase it from another retailer besides Amazon.