Neocell Collagen


Neocell is a very popular brand of collagen supplement that you probably have heard of or have used and some people claim to get decent results from it as well. As you know we promote the Skinade brand of collagen heavily because we feel like there is no other collagen supplement on the market which can compete with it or has more clinical test to prove its effectiveness.

Is Neocell The Best Supplement Out There ?

One of the main downside of neocell’s collagen is the fact that it’s hard to find actual clinical studies online whereas Skinade makes their clinical studies readily available on their website. The reason why this is important is due to the fact that it validates whether or not the product actually works. Some companies like huffingtin post, Cosmopolitan magazine, Vouge, etc… have all tried skinade and verify that it actually works.

One thing I will say about neocell’s brand of collagen is the fact that it’s cheaper than most collagen products you’ll find on the market. So if you’re really pressed for cash it still worth a shot but don’t expect miracles when you’re only spending $10. Skinade charges $100 for 30 day supply which is to be expected because they use 100% organic ingredients as well as a proprietary formula that no other collagen product is currently using. Skinade is safe for diabetics as well.

The Choice Is Yours!

So with that being said neocell is just an ordinary collagen product and because I cannot find any clinical test or users that experienced significant results in the reduction of wrinkles by using this product I would say it’s a hit or miss. If you’re looking for a surefire collagen supplement that actually delivers results I highly recommend you try out Skinade.

Also, if you have the cash I would recommend that you get a skin biopsy done so that way you can see the results for yourself. Skin biopsy will show how much collagen is currently in your body, so you would need to take three test. The first test would be to check your current collagen levels without taking any supplements. The second and third test would be to check the collagen levels after testing out the neocell and skinade collagen. That way you can see firsthand which product comes out on top. This can be a very costly test to conduct but if you have the funds it will show without a shadow of a doubt that the skinade brand of collagen trumps all.