MyM 24k Gold Collagen Crystal Mask for Deep Tissue Rejuvenation and Collagen Renewal


My thoughts on collagen mask are the same as what I think about collagen creams and that the results you’ll received from both products are pretty much the same from what you would get from a high-end moisturizer. As I’ve said numerous times the reason why these type of products doesn’t work when trying to achieve permanent results is due to the 500 Dalton rule. If you aren’t familiar with the 500 Dalton rule basically it states that anything that’s over 500 Da cannot be absorbed by the skin. Therefore, use things like facemask and collagen creams cannot deliver permeant results and pretty all it’s doing is moisturizing the top layer of your skin. It’s not getting to the root of the problem so therefore you’re not fixing the real issue. It’s basically like trying to fix a leaky pipe with duct tape.

24k Gold, Really?


Now that I got that out of the way as far as this particular product goes I haven’t seen anything really negative about this product as far as ingredients goes. I would say that there’s probably a bit of false advertising going as far as the product name goes due to the fact that this product has “24 k gold” in the name. I can assure you that this product does not contain any real gold because if you know the price of gold compared to the price of this product it simply just doesn’t add up. This product would need to be way more expensive for to really contain any amounts of gold unless product contains very small traces which wouldn’t even be beneficial in the first place.

Possible Fake Reviews


Second thing that stands out to me about this product is the reviews that I’ve seen left on Amazon. It seems that the company is giving out discounted rates for people to leave reviews about the product. I really hate this tactic because it skews the actual review in favor of the manufacturer therefore the person who left a review might not be giving their 100% honest opinion about the product. There simply leaving the reviews so that they can get the product for a discounted rate. So that’s something you want to keep in mind because usually when I come across products that do these type of tactics I don’t even bother.

Third thing that raises a few eyebrows is the fact that the majority of the reviews that are left are unverified. Every review the Amazon verifies means that the person actually purchased the product and when you don’t see the verified symbol by a review that means Amazon is basically saying that the person did not purchase the product from Amazon and therefore they cannot attest to their review. Only 44 out of the 135 reviews seems to be verified. This to me raises a few red flags because what this says is that the reviews could possibly be fake. If it’s one thing that I know (and you can verify this for yourself) is when you check reputable products on Amazon, you always notice that there is a higher rate of verified versus unverified reviews. When the unverified reviews are higher than theverified reviews this usually is an indicator of something shady going on.

Trying To Possibly Manipulate Amazon Algorithm?


You might ask yourself, well why would they want to buy fake reviews? There are two answers to this question. If indeed they are buying fake reviews (I cannot confirm or deny this) then one of the reasons why they would use such a tactic is for the obvious reason that it would increase sales by having a bunch of positive reviews about their product. But the second reason why they would use such a tactic is based off how Amazon’s algorithm works. The more positive reviews that your product has the higher it moves up Amazon internal search engine. This will lead to more sales as it rises up the Amazon listings but again I cannot confirm or deny whether this company is using these type of tactics but based off the clues it does seem to be so.

Just Do Yourself A Favor

I probably said this 1 million times and I’m going to say it again, if you want a real solution to fixing wrinkles as well as sagging skin and etc. Then your best bet is to use a collagen supplement as opposed to using these gimmick products such as facemask and collagen creams which cannot even permeate through the skin.