Move Free Ultra Triple Action Joint Supplement with Type II Collagen


This product is a type II collagen supplement which also contains a proprietary blend according to the manufacturer’s which no other collagen supplement contains.

Type II collagen is great for bones as well as cartilage and the manufacturer claims that this supplement will cause your body to produce more type II collagen. Just as an FYI, none of these claims have been validated by the FDA and are simply statements from the manufacturers of the product. The manufacturer has also said that this product contains MSM which is necessary for your bones, your nails as well as your skin all of which contain a significant amount of MSM. This product also contains an ingredient known as Hyaluronic acid was the manufacturer claims help support lubrication. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center Hyaluronic acid can cause muscle pain and cramps as well as your arms and legs can possibly become swollen which can make movement very difficult. These pains should be temporary but I still personally believe that if something isn’t necessary and there is really no point in taking it.

On Amazon this product has great reviews and as expected it does have a few negative reviews. As far as positive reviews are concerned a lot of people have noticed that this supplement has definitely helped them with their joint problems. But there are some people who are complaining about cramps as well as upset stomachs which could be due to the use of Hyaluronic acid in this supplement. Most of the reviews on this supplement are verified purchases which is good because that means that the people that are leaving reviews are actually purchase the product from Amazon.

As far as prices are concerned this product is very cheap, it’s only $11 plus tax and shipping. So this is a great supplement to at least try specially if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a type II collagen supplement.