MIZON Collagen


MIZON Collagen is a pretty cheap collagen moisturizer which cost about $11 which is fairly cheap. There are numerous reviews on this product some people praising it and some people call it a pure scam. I went over this numerous times when it comes to products like this and if you haven’t read some of my other articles i’ll pretty much summarize this quickly.

Collagen moisturizers aren’t “better” than any other moisturizer that you would purchase from the store. Collagen cannot be absorbed by the skin due to the molecules being way to big and thus what’s really happening when you’re using these topical collagen products is that you’re simply moisturizing the skin and that it. So what i’m basically saying is that no matter if you use this product or if you use some other moisturizer without the words “collagen” on the label, you’ll still get the same results regards. Manufacture’s like putting the words like “collagen” on their label because it’s a selling point and they’ll be able to reach a different target audience.

Now with that being said, the only reason why I recommend that you give this product a shot is due to it costing only $11 which is what you’d expect to spend on a decent moisturizer. I don believe that you’ll get much better results by using this product in conjunction to a product such as Skinade. Skiinade actually replenishes your collagen levels unlike other collagen product. Orally injesting collagen is the only real way to help boost your collagen levels, anything else is simply a gimmick.


  • Helps moisturizes skin
  • Fairly cheap
  • Add protective layer to the skin
  • No artificial colors added


  • It’s no better than a regular moisturizer
  • Does NOT boost collagen levels
  • Topical solution (oral solutions are always better)
  • Some claims of face break-outs
  • Contains butylene glycol (Toxic Chemical)