LiquiVive® Collagen Liquid Protein Supplement


To start off, when doing research about LiquiVive Collagen Liquid Protein Supplement I would say that a good portion of the reviews are positive. I checked Amazon regarding this product and it seems that the majority of the reviews that are left are actually real and not faked. The majority of the reviews left about this product was from verified users that actually purchased the product through Amazon. I will say this, the company is offering discounts in exchange for reviews so please take the positive reviews that you might see on Amazon with a grain of salt because three’s obviously a conflict of interest.

Based off the reviews of this product a lot of the people said that this product has help them reduce fine lines. Some even claim that they lost 6 pounds in six days just by using this product as well as had a better night’s sleep (which collagen is known for doing). As far as pricing is concerned it’s pretty conservative at $30 a bottle because when it comes to a liquid collagen supplement you get what you pay for.

Bad Reviews

As far as the bad reviews go about this product, there are a few people that had certain things to say about this product such as it tastes really bad, it’s too thick, and the quality is inconsistent. According to the majority of the negative reviews that I’ve read about this product one thing that everyone can agree with is that the taste of the product is not so good. I think this might be a subjective thing because there are a few people that said that it tastes great so it’s hard to really tell when it comes down to this product. One thing I can say is that the people that say that it tastes bad, the majority of them also said that when they got their first bottle it actually tasted good but their second bottle didn’t taste so good. This might be a sign of quality control issues within the manufacturing process or maybe the company is shipping out product that’s been laying around.

As far as customer support is concerned, the company does not have a phone number listed on your website. The only way to contact them is through email which a few users were complaining about because a lot of them had to request a new bottle to be sent because of the foul taste of the collagen that they received and on a side note this is why I usually recommend people use collagen powders instead because of the  benefits of collagen powder. Some users say by refrigerating the product this gets rid of the foul taste so if you already have this product or if you already ordered it than this is something you could probably try if you’re experiencing a bad taste when using this product.

At the end of the day there seems to be a pretty equal balance between the good reviews as well as the bad reviews. I can say it seems like a hit or miss when it comes to the quality control of this product, some users say that when they originally received their first bottle the substance had a watery constancy (which is what it’s supposed to be) but some say when receiving their bottle, it was thick and foul tasting. So my opinion is to proceed with caution when it comes to this product because it seems that there’s no telling whether the bottle you’ll receive will be one of the good ones or one of the bad ones.

Also, if you continue to have problems with liquid collagen products than you might want to try using the best collagen pills as an alternative.