How Well Does Collagen Supplements Really Work?

And as well Ashley to do a review on to dietary supplement that was sent to me by bw+bW+company is in addition you also doing a giveaway of the same to sell if you like to enter the contest to win neo-cell collagen beauty builder as well as the neo-cell resveratrol product please put a comment below stating that you want to be entered in the drawing and output all the details in the information box. The love you so much yourself is sending me these products. I had started hearing a lot about collagen supplement. So I was really curious about them since I was dying to try it because as we age our bodies produce 1% less collagen every year from the time or about 30 going forward. So I decided to be my age in your 50s your body is making about 20% less collagen that he used it so I thought well if I could take a collagen supplement and would help if I make more collagen make up for that loss of collagen on experiencing that would be great.

I agreed to try and then the other part that I picked was the resveratrol product suggested by collagen supplement research. I think this one because it’s not so much about aging on the outside. It’s more about staying healthy on the inside. When the neo-cell person contacted me they put a couple of links email one was to Dr. Oz episode where they were talking about collagen supplement so I went down for the week right here and also putting in the box below.

The second link was to a science daily magazine article in which there was a study done that showed a correlation between service wrinkling and skin sagging and lack of bone density put the link to that here seek a look at that article if you’re interested in also put the link any of the lots below. Let me tell you individually about each one. Let’s start with the collagen beauty builder is retails for around $17. This product claims to help your skin to become more radiant and smooth, some were hydrated and also help your nails grow stronger. So what is a contain.

It’s got the hydrolyzed types one and three collagen. It also contains hyaluronic acid silicon for transporting the nutrients helpful public asset which is an anti-inflammatory, nutrient, and it also contains biotin and biotin is a B vitamin is critical for hair growth and maelstrom. It also contains vitamin C which is important for helping the collagen to be absorbed by the collagen where rent will not be absorbed and is also vitamin C present the tablets are gluten-free and they also don’t contain any starts lactose, so a or artificial flavors. So all in all a pretty good little capsule that providing collagen absorption can work inside our bodies. This has everything in there that should make it work.

The FDA doesn’t really regulate this vitamin supplements fear. So if you choose to take this you are doing a kind of on your own. The FDA has not said proven that this will work is not a FDA recommended daily value for you these things be, and vegetarian should now that the college and in most collagen supplements putting this one are derived from animal sources, even from cowhide or from chickens. So I took these every day for 45 days. I was unable to take the recommended the recommended dosage of three tablets twice a day is just too much for me.

I got the six tablets. I took the three of the morning. I always forgot to take three in the evening so I took half the recommended dosage may be taking more. I would be more convinced that the product works at this point I’m not convinced it doesn’t work, but are not convinced that it does work either. So just going by what it promises.

Did I notice more radiant and smooth skin, no connecting pretty much the same. I did, I noticed that my skins were hydrated, possibly a little more hydrated, have I got stronger nails because of it really same as it always then you know the vendee flexing and break a lot in a literal observation about the same. I did notice my hair to grow little bit faster because you know I color is the roots and normally I collar every 8 to 10 weeks. Internet is pushing immigrants are generally huge by the by, I was really ready to start at six weeks, the types of my made my hair grow little faster and works under percent now is not working LATER I hope it’s in working yes and hoping it’s in their working is moving us the resveratrol. This is the resveratrol supplement.

This is also around $17 for 150 of the summer like Joe Katz for these last so little Ray gel. The recommended dosage on this is fine of the day I took three in the morning I put to take in the afternoon along with the collagen. I never took them so when I took was three site and take full recommended daily dosage for the course. According to the FDA. There is no recommended daily dosage.

They don’t know how much this is recommended by the manufacturer not by the that the reason I selected this is because it’s supposed to help prevent free radical damage to scant and I think that free radical damage is one of the as it ages us now so I was really interested in that help support a healthy immune system and liver functions. It’s also a powerful antioxidant that it promotes heart and having heart disease, history might do. I’m all for promoting heart health. Again, it’s another one of these where they don’t know if your client is observing and putting it to use. We hope it does.

There’s some studies say yes to some studies that say no. So what is the this is mainly made of red wine grape bw+bW+great parts from the Bordeaux region of France. These are also free is also don’t contain starch yeast. We corn or dairy products, and I sure is doing anything in their nonaction I do. I hope it is self essential, but I will probably buy this one and continue taking on.

There is another supplement I want to try to file Semites so I think I’m going to discontinue this as it was a lot tells me to take a day and were quite large, so I’m trying to supplement a connectedness that is my review of these products is a little inconclusive. Sorry don’t have anything like 20 base to say by always, thanks so much for watching have a great day. Take care