Expensive Collagen Vs Cheap Collagen

Is There a Difference?

Some people think that when it comes to collagen all are made equal but this is not the case. Just like when it comes to cosmetic products, clothing, food, etc… there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. Just like with anything in life you get what you pay for so if you spend the extra bucks on a more premium collagen supplement then you can expect to get better results compared to the cheaper versions that you find at stores. Now as far as the differences between the two it all depends on the brand of collagen that you purchase because cheaper brands cut corners in different ways, and more expensive brands all go the extra mile in different ways as well.

For example, a lot of the cheaper versions of collagen supplements tend to use what’s known as bovine collagen, which basically means collagen which comes from cows. Now some speculate that collagen from cows are better than any other form of collagen, but some studies are actually showing that marine-based collagen is actually better than bovine based collagen. With that being said, there are things you need to be aware of when you use bovine collagen such as the fact that you don’t know if the cows that are being used are being treated with chemicals which will in turn then be ingested by you through the use of the collagen supplement. Some manufacturers actually label on their product that they use free range non-GMO cows and other manufacturers don’t even mention it at all. Either way, that’s something that you really need to be careful of because this can definitely affect the results that you get.

Now with marine-based collagen. You don’t need to worry because fish are generally not fed or treated with any type of chemicals therefore, the collagen is purer and more effective.

The Price

Now that I outlined the main differences between the two collagen supplements one thing you should be aware of is the fact that marine-based collagen tends to be more expensive than bovine based collagen. The reason why is because marine-based collagen is better absorbed by the body and therefore collagen manufacturers tend to charge a premium as  opposed to bovine collagen.

Companies such as Skinade actually use a Marine base source of collagen and their price actually reflects that. Now using marine-based collagen is not the sole reason for the difference in prices because you also have to factor in proprietary formulas that each collagen manufacturer actually uses within their products. With that being said Skinade cost eight times more than the traditional brands of collagen that you purchase from stores. You also have to order it online because you cannot purchase it from any local store that I’m aware of at least in the United States.

The reason why Skinade and companies like that charge upwards of $100 for their collagen supplement is due to the fact that they’ve analyzed and factored in a lot of aspects that most companies might have missed. For example, the fact that their collagen product is 100% liquid-based means that it is better absorbed by the body, as a matter of fact, their collagen supplement has a 90% absorption rate whereas other collagen manufacturers products only have upwards of 60% – 80% absorption rate, which varies greatly.

With that being said, you’ll probably end up spending more money trying a bunch of different cheap collagen products. Whereas you can purchase the more expensive brands right out the gate and know that you’re getting the best that money can buy, and therefore you can meet all the expectations that you’ve come to expect when using a premium product.