Collagen Supplements Slow Down Aging

Today we can talk about antiaging in terms of collagen supplements and then I gave you some of the secrets of collagen supplements and hydrolyzed collagen is a type of supplement were describing. It’s also known as collagen Hydro life eight or collagen peptides and the settlement provides many benefits way beyond appearance way beyond the nails and scan thing that you’ve heard of her. So long as there is a important question. How do we extend our lives and one man Clive McKay back in the 30s studied that he found that he could increase lifespan by restricting calories and that’s a pretty painful way to do it but it did work and no one really looked at what kind of calories to restrict. I mean, would it be the foods we don’t like remedy fats maybe carbs well Ray Pete did look at this and array now recommends restricting certain amino acids a set of very specific set of amino acid should be restricted to extend our lives and we be talking about this on another video it’s can be called a collagen concepts provided by collagen supplement research.

The watchmen outline and will going to the top secrets around collagen is involves the timing of taking the college and take it right before bed, among other times very important. Remember, take it right before bed. Make sure you’ve eaten three hours before so if you need it. Seven he take it by candy today. He can take it by 11 and I take us give a collagen in your water and then gutted that and you notice deeper sleep and more relaxed sleep is very important to life extension and we are going to talk about that on the next slide as well.

Taking this collagen before bed. Also as added benefit supports weight loss and any time you want to use your collagen supplement sure you take it away from food then go ahead and wait 30 minutes before your meal. Let’s look at some of the systems and the processes of the body that we can actually manipulate with collagen. First of all, he mentioned sleep you want to get into a deep Delta waves sleep. That’s the third time and sleep in which your growth hormone is secreted and that growth hormone is necessary to make any tissue repairs all the tissue repair she ever do take place in the sleep and course also need the molecules to repair the tissues within those do come from the collagen so it’s kind a win in regarding sleep.

Inflammation is another a body process. We want to reduce because it’s associated with all the degenerative conditions and our thyroid function. We want to optimize that in order to get our metabolism working as well as it can our bone matrix must be strengthened. We can’t develop osteoporosis because he can’t have a young appearance or a young movement with osteoporosis and collagen is been shown in many studies to strengthen and make more flexible and actually expand the size of and the weight of the bone. The arteries can be strengthened with collagen and other coronary artery is the main side of biomechanical stress in the body.

Opening and closing thousands upon thousands of time every day at this has to be repaired every night and the body needs the very amino acids and collagen to do that and if it doesn’t have them. It will call forth cholesterol and cholesterol will fill in the cracks and smooth over the snags but cholesterol is in functional, but when you do then supplement with your collagen. It will go in and will repair those tissues. And once the tissues repaired. The body will remove the plaque so there is still lots of hope there glycation is sugars binding of proteins and it’s kind of like sugarcoating the protein.

The protein can move the canned folders nonfunctional and that reduces the functionality of the organ and we have to reduce that and then weight normalization. This is another aspect that collagen will help in a big way. So now you see some of these are these goals we have with their collagen. This presentation is from vitamin and go to our page vitamin and Ariel find the very top level collagen supplements and also a new book and collagen and hunt for other videos from us on the Internet and will see you there