Collagen Supplement Type 1 & 3 Adult Gummies by WOW


WOW collagen is a non-gelatin adult gummy which provides your daily dose of collagen. Right off the bat one thing that stands out about this product is that the nutrition facts seem to be off. For example, the nutrition facts state that there are 150 g of sodium per serving. Or the fact that the label states that there are 194 carbs per serving. I really don’t see how that’s possible and most likely that’s a misprint but nonetheless this is the issue that the company should fix before selling their product. I’m surprised they haven’t been sued for false advertising/ misrepresentation even if it was a misprint because there are several people who have commented about this issue regarding some of the nutritional facts on the bottle being incorrect.

The company states that this bottle of gummy’s are non-GMO and use 100% natural sweeteners and flavors. I don’t know whether this is 100% true or not seeing how the nutritional facts seem to be off there’s no telling what’s actually true and what’s a misprint when it comes to this product.


As far as reviews go, the majority of the reviews that I’ve seen on Amazon regarding this product seem to be from unverified purchases. Meaning the people leaving the review didn’t purchase this product from Amazon so there’s no telling if they’ve actually use the product. Another thing that you should be aware of is that the company is the company is giving discounts for people that leave reviews. This alone will skew people’s opinions about the product and therefore people might not be leaving their honest opinion about what they truly think about the product. This may also explain why there are so many unverified reviews under their Amazon listing.

My honest opinion is when it comes to this product is they are much better products on the market that provide accurate nutritional facts which is imperative. There is no excuse for any company to not have accurate nutritional information on their product. For example, what if the amount of sugar that the company has marked on their product is a misprint. If a person has diabetes takes this product not knowing that some of the nutritional facts are possibly incorrect, this can cause all sorts of problems. So you’re better off just using a more reputable brand that has all their facts together.