Collagen Supplements Helping To Support Your Joints

Guys Dr. Auxier from collagen supplement research I’m so excited to share with you a new cutting edge product. We had one of the supplements that I personally use the most in its collagen protein and collagen protein is actually the amino acids that you would find in something like bone brought the day which we know to be one of the top healing foods in the entire world and collagen really has four unique benefits of it as I go through this video, by the way I also want to go through who needs to be taking this and how it can benefit your health really for main benefits one.

This really improves leaky gutters really support your digestive tracts of collagen really supports digestion also helps with joint health and even things like any sort of joint discomfort. On the other thing you can help with is helping total tone and tighten your skin so it’s use a lot of skin products collagen is and last but not least collagen is also used to support a healthy metabolism for things like fat burning weight loss over for building muscle.

The collagen is important for really all of those things and so what collagen is against amino acids and amino acids are the building blocks of protein and so number one is you are trying to increase your metabolism or get more protein in your diet supplement with collagen is fantastic. It works for Sony people because collagen is dairy free, it’s gluten-free and it’s easily digested and so even a lot of people things like the gas diet or people out there who are looking to really support and shield got to use collagen in instead of protein power, a lot of people like myself do protein powder in college and some green superfood powder. There and my morning smoothie.

But again collagen is really for anybody who are looking for those four distinct ways to support the body benefit their body. Number one is joints now collagen works because collagen is the building blocks of your tissues. So if you’re an athlete or you have any sort of joint pain or discomfort or your runner or any any sort of stress in your joints review experience joint discomfort the basis collagen is the building blocks of supporting your butt in your body, creating new and healthy tissues. That’s why it’s so great for your joints whether be issues with your knees or hips or shoulders or wrists are back or any of those joint areas.

It’s fantastic for our collagen is a great thing you want to be supplement them with on a daily basis also is a mature is great for your skin collagen is made up of two amino acids primarily called proline and lysine and proline is that amino acid helps tighten your skin to your outline collagen supplements are found a lot of skin care products is even used by some people to help reduce issues like cellulite you know collagen is great because collagen health firm tone in tighten your skin and one of the things that happened happens as we start to age is your own skin and body start producing less collagen, so you need to be getting more collagen in your diet on a regular basis.

In so doing a little bit of collagen powder in your morning smoothie or throughout the day is a great way to really support and told him and tighten your skin naturally also collagen is vitally important for helping Hillyer got now collagen can be used or it’s very similar to gelatin collagen is what helps make up gelatin and those amino acids, proline and lysine, but your guy we know issues like leaky gut your gut kind of works is a nine you can get holes in your got gluten can leak through enough to such a leaky gut as her digestive issues.

It’s when things like gluten or casein or toxins leak through your got get your bloodstream and cause systemwide inflammation, which can that can affect your joints. It can even lead to things like autoimmune disease. Over time, or or skin issues or thyroid issues or any sort of inflammatory reaction what collagen does is collagen helps you just like it helps tighten and tone your skin helps tighten tone your digestive track and helps repair leaky gut and so collagen is really great for supporting the healing repair of leaky guns of collagen live patients with digestive issues. It is one of the number one things I put them on immediately to support digestive function. Last but not least if you’re looking at increasing the amount of protein your diet which can reduce overall cravings can also support a healthy metabolism increasingly muscle tissue. This is a great thing if I just 1 tablespoon of collagen powder is about 7 g of proteins you do a couple 2 tablespoons of collagen powder in your morning smoothie get about 15 g of easily digestible protein is a this is something a lot more people who are looking to get fit and toned and healthy are adding into their smoothies as well. So again, just to break down the benefits of collagen.

Collagen protein powder is fantastic because it really support your joints your skin your got as well as your metabolism and only say this. There are a lot of other companies out there that are putting out collagen powder right now and I would not even come close to consuming those because they’re not that that the animals are grass fed many of them are injected with hormones. I’m happy to announce I found a great source of grass for collagen that doesn’t use any sort of hormones and chemicals it’s completely natural. It’s also grass fed and so this is collagen powder comes from grass fed cows from Argentina and so again is a great product their chemically free, completely natural out there as well and so who should take collagen with anybody who wants to benefit those four ways I’ve mentioned in terms of helping support your your skin your joints your got as well as your metabolism, and again this is a great dairy free gluten-free option for increasing your amino acids in protein here the of the unique thing is that it’s not protein it’s amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins with predigested protein, which is why it’s so easy to digest and so again I recommend 2 tablespoons every morning in your superfood smoothie and a lot of times I do this twice a they’ll put a couple more tablespoons and after my morning workout there as well.

As part of my doctor asked superfood smoothie and by the way I believe so much in this product that you’re gonna see results that we the 60 day moneyback guarantee if you try this product and don’t see results a send it back or just send us a note saying hey this to work for me and will going give your money back, no questions asked. Will guys. I can’t wait for you guys to get started with our natural supportive collagen protein tried out today by want to try a jump on Facebook send me a message and let me know how you like it you notice a difference in your body a guys the doctor asked I’m super excited for you to try collagen protein.