Collagen Retinol Anti-Aging Beauty Cream


If you read my previous articles, then you probably already know my stance when it comes to any type of beauty cream for collagen. This product is no different than any other moisturizer that you could probably buy at your local grocery store. The reason why I say this is because as I’ve illustrated in other articles one of the biggest problems when it comes to collagen creams is the fact that the molecules are way too big to be absorbed by the skin thus you’re paying for something that’s not actually working the way you think that it works. What I’m referring to is the 500 Dalton rule.

You can ask any dermatologist about the 500 Dalton rule which basically states that any molecule over 500 Da cannot be absorbed by the skin. Therefore, there is not a single collagen product out there (that is a cream) that would be able to be absorbed by the skin because the molecules are simply too big. Any effect that you might notice from this product is due to the fact that it moisturizes your skin just like any other moisturizer would. So that means for a fraction of the cost you can buy another product which is also moisturizer (despite the fact that it doesn’t have the words collagen on the label) and would get very similar results if not exactly the same.

As far as reviews are concerned, I’ve only found one review on Amazon which seem to be positive but the only comment on the product was “lovely” so I’m assuming the person liked it but besides that there were no other comments on this product.

So What Should You Use Instead?


The best collagen products come in liquid form there is no cream out there that will be able to help you get the results that you desire as far as permanently reducing wrinkles. The truth of the matter is that no matter what collagen cream you use as soon as you take a shower and assuming you don’t reapply it, within a few days you’ll notice those wrinkles reappear.

When you consume collagen drinks what are actually doing is going past the epidermis layer of the skin, to the root of the problem and supplying collagen there. By taking this course of action you’re actually solving the problem at its core. So you’re fixing the source as to why you have wrinkly/saggy skin as opposed to just covering it up which is what collagen moisturizers are actually doing.

Additional Benefits


Another benefit of actually using collagen drinks as opposed to creams is the fact that not only are you reducing wrinkles, you are also providing your body with essential nutrients that it actually needs. Our bodies & organs within our bodies contain a significant amount of collagen and without that collagen we can develop things such as osteoporosis as well as arthritis and a plethora of other diseases and illnesses. So by actually using a collagen drink as opposed to a cream not only are you helping yourself from a cosmetic point of view but you’re also helping yourself from a health point of view which is far more important.

You would never get the same benefit from using any type of collagen cream be it Collagen Retinol or any other product. So at the day are better off to saving your cash and start using a collagen drink such as Skinade or any drink that you feel might be suitable.