Collagen Complete Hydrolyzed Peptides Powder


Collagen complete is like most collagen supplements on the market which helps protect your current collagen cells as well as help your body create new collagen. When it comes to collagen complete it’s a love-hate relationship because some people absolutely love the product while some people just can’t stand it. There are several reasons why which I’ll break down further.

For one, collagen complete claims to contain all types of collagen, meaning it contains type I type II and type III collagen all in one product. It’s pretty rare to see any collagen supplement contain all three types of collagen. What’s most commonly found on the market is type I and type III and type II collagen which is usually sold separately for good reason. I personally don’t like to buy collagen supplements which contain all three types of collagen and the reason why is because you don’t know how much of each type was used in the manufacturing process. I personally believe that it’s better to purchase them separately so that way you know that you’re getting more bang for your buck.

As far as where the collagen is derived from, according to the manufacturer it comes from RBGH free cows. On the label it says that the product is manufactured in the USA, now this doesn’t mean that the collagen comes from the USA cows. The manufacturer does not state whether or not the cows used in their supplement are from the US. Which brings me to my next point, it’s pretty good to see products being manufactured in the US. This is what health strengthens our economy and that’s something I have to congratulate collagen complete for doing.

As far as reviews are concerned, they have over 500 Amazon review most of which that are positive but 400 of those reviews are from unverified purchases. Meaning these people didn’t purchase the product from Amazon and therefore there is a chance that these reviews can possibly be faked.

My Negative Reviews


Like with any other product as you’d expect there will be negative reviews. One of the most reoccurring reviews about this product that I’ve read on several different sites is the fact that they claim that this product is way too sweet. The manufacturer did state that they added Stevia which is a 0 cal natural sweetener. Whatever the case may be, customers are complaining that they believe that this product is simply too sweet for their own liking.

The second most complained about thing that I’ve read about this product is the poor packaging. Some users say that when they receive their packaging it wasn’t sealed. This caused some of the supplements to leak out during shipment which cause the supplement bottle to be sticky. As you could imagine most people aren’t too pleased with this.

Another thing that stood out to me was the fact that there was no expiration date on the product itself. If you wanted to find out the expiration date you would have to go to either their website or their Amazon listing to figure it out. Why did they do this? I really don’t know. Maybe they might fix this in future versions.

Like with all collagen supplements, some users say that they’ve been using the product for an entire month without seeing any noticeable changes. There are many reasons why people might not see any changes for that is something you need to be aware of. There was even one reviewer who said that they use the product consistently every single day without missing a day and still do not see any changes. Again, there numerous variables as to why this can happen.

One practice that I think should be banned is the whole “giving the customer a discount for leaving a review”. A lot of the reviews that I’ve read about this product on Amazon say that the reason why they were leaving the review was because the company promising them of discount. As you know, this will skew the opinion of the customer because they’re not going to say anything negative so that they can get the discount. This might also explain why there so many unverified reviews, because first-time purchasers might be leaving the review even though they haven’t purchased the product yet so that way they can get it for cheaper.

Last but not least, the cost of the product is pretty expensive at a whopping $50 and I’ve said in previous articles get what you pay for but that doesn’t hold true for every product. I would spend $50 on a product like skinade because they have clinical studies available on the website for everyone to see not to mention credible sources that actually tried the product and got results. I personally wouldn’t spend $50 on any product that I’m not 90% sure is going to at least deliver some results or doesn’t have clinical studies publicly available to prove the effectiveness of their product.