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Why Collagen Injections Should Be Your Last Resort


Collagen injections is nothing new and has been around for several decades, predominately used to treat facial skin imperfections such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, and just about any other creases that appears on your face. Other uses for collagen includes creating more plump lips as well as cheeks. It’s not uncommon for people who use collagen injections to also get facelifts or even laser skin resurfacing treatments to try to further enhance their youthfulness. Now with all that being said, like with any other form of treatment there’s always a risk involved, and that also includes collagen injections. Injections have been proven ineffective/dangerous compared to collagen supplement use. Injections only cover a small surface area where as taking a supplement effects the whole body and distributes the collagen in all needed areas, so not only would you get the same benefits that you would get from using injections, but you get the added benefit of the collagen being distributed throughout your body as opposed to only your face. I’ll explain further. Continue reading Why Collagen Injections Should Be Your Last Resort

Collagen Creams Are Not That Effective


Collagen creams have proven to be very ineffective compared to collagen liquids, which are 50 times more effective. The best collagen liquid currently on the market is from a company called Skindale which you could read more about here.

Have you ever heard the saying that beauty starts from within? Well, believe it or not, that’s an actual fact. In this article we’ll explain and provide facts as to why you’d be better off spending your money on collagen liquids instead of creams or any other topical solutions for that matter. Continue reading Collagen Creams Are Not That Effective

Think Twice Before Purchasing Collagen Pills


Are you sure you want to take collagen pills? Please educate yourself before you end up wasting your money. Now this is going to be a lengthy article and for those of you who don’t have time or simply don’t care to read this article then I highly recommend you take a liquid form of collagen instead (I provided the reasons below), for the best liquid collagen product I recommend you check out Skinade.

If you have your mind set on taking the pill form (for whatever reason), then I highly suggest you check out: Dr. Kaayla Danills’ Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed Type II Cartilage Collagen, it’s considered one of the best collagen pills on the market. But before you do so please take the time read this article in its entirety. Continue reading Think Twice Before Purchasing Collagen Pills