Bulksupplements Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen (Bovine)


Like the age old saying goes if it’s too good to be true then it probably is and this holds true when it comes to Bulksupplements. According to the manufacturers of this collagen product, it is lab tested and guaranteed pure but some of the negative comments that I read about this product is slightly disturbing to me which I will outline later on. Thus far looking at Amazon this product seems to have a majority of positive reviews for this product. For a 3.5-ounce bag of collagen they only charge $10 which is probably why so many people are using it and are leaving reviews about this product.

Be Careful When Using This Product

Now earlier I said that there are some negative reviews that really stand out one of which the customer states that the company claims that the cows that they’re using in their collagen product comes from the USA (which is hard to believe at a $10 price point). Then the customer outline that the product manufacture continuously changes their answer when asked about where the cows come from. In his/her most recent answer on Amazon the product manufacturer claims that they get the collagen from cows in China? Yes, you heard that correctly China. A different customer also chimed in and stated that the manufacturer also does not know exactly what the cows are being fed over there.

This is a major cause for concern because now you’re ingesting something that even the manufacturer doesn’t really know exactly what going into it. This is why when you see products at extremely low price points you need to dig deep to make sure that you’re getting exactly what the manufacturer claims that you’re getting. Thank God that these customers actually left their review on Amazon because most people probably would overlook this fact and would probably be putting your health at jeopardy which seems to be the case. Despite what’s being said about this product and how the manufacturers aren’t 100% honest there are still people buying this product and using it. If you decide to use this product be very cautious because the manufacturer is either lying or he/she either telling the truth and are simply getting collagen from cows from random suppliers (which is why they might be changing their answers).

Here’s a screenshot below I took from Amazon which you can see for yourself:


Manufacture Responses


China Just Has A Bad Reputation

Another review that I’ve also read about this product was from another customer regarding the China issue and they make a very valid point. China has been on the news for the past several years due to the heavy metals and lead found in their food, paint as well as toys and other plastic. Not to mention China does not have FDA regulations nor do they have to follow any FDA policy so there’s no telling exactly what’s being done while the product is being manufactured because from the looks of it not only are bulksupplements getting their collagen from China but there also manufacturing and assembling in China as well. Just 10 years ago China was considered a Third World country and has participated in many questionable practices.

Don’t Gamble With Your Health

All I can say is that if you decide to use this product please know that you’re potentially putting your health at risk. This is why I always promote the collagen product Skinade because it’s manufactured in the United Kingdom and the British have very strict regulations when it comes to food just like the United States. So all in all don’t put your health at risk just to save a few bucks because unless you get their product lab tested at your own expense you really have no clue as to what’s actually in that product until something tragic happens to somebody.